McGreers #1
2013 Kindle Bestseller, 2014 Bookseller's Best Contemporary Finalist
Veterinarian Tess Bamberger is the best thing that's happened to Green Junction Colorado, and rancher Jake McGreer's daughter adores her. His friends want a wedding, but her parents are certain he's up to no good. Was Crashing into Tess the hit of a lifetime? More . . .

McGreers #2
Daisy Antelerone is tired of losing. Her ranch is gone, her Momma's gone, her truck's busted, and she just buried her Daddy. Her sights are on the Texas Rodeo Barrel Racing Champion Title, and she's willing to risk whatever it takes to win. . .even a bet on bothersome boy-next-door Hank Gallagher.  More . . .

McGreers #4
Dyin’ to ditch Hobble Creek, Daphne Antelerone dives into a decorating job for Austin attorney Rodric McGreer. He’s Texas’ top legal talent, his mother’s a stitch, and he says yes to everything she proposes! Daphne find herself liking everything about him, especially those suits. . . so why can’t she get him out of them?  More . . .

McGreers #5
Julio Rodriguez gives his family all he’s got, but it’s not enough for Luanne. Home with two kids, she's craving a taste of the real world. . . Lu's music is her ticket to freedom, but will her family survive the ride? More

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