Thursday, July 11, 2019

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Born in Philadelphia, Lilly was raised in the Pocono Mountains, returned to the City of Love for art school, has lived in Vermont and on the California coast, and currently resides in "The World's Biggest Little City," Reno, Nevada. 

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Lilly Christine has authored ten titles in the McGreers Series with "Too Fast For Love" McGreers #10, just released. 2016 Awards include Librarian's Readers' Choice Best Western for #8 My Kinda Bull, and Amazon Bestselling Author when "Last Chance, Cowboy" McGreers #7, included in the Cowboy Country anthology, hit #2 in both anthologies and westerns. 

"Crashing Into Tess", Lilly's debut novel, garnished the prestigious Toronto Romance Writer's "Catherine" Award, and was a 2014 GDRW Bookseller's Best Finalist in First Book and Contemporary Romance. Other titles in the McGreers series include Crazy On Daisy ( #2) Right Kinda Bull (#3) Designs on Daphne (#4) and Loving Lulu (#5) Whole Lotta Bull (#6), McGreers Special Edition Snowslammer/Candi for Christmas and Baby Makes Three ,free bonus content, Last Chance, Cowboy (#7) My Kinda Bull (#8)
and "Too Fast for Love" (#9). 

"When not tapping away at my laptop dreaming up female leads in sassy dialogue with dashing male counterparts, I'm strolling the Truckee River with my new rescue Daschuahua, Sir Edwin Saint Francis Chesapeake, paddleboarding on Lake Tahoe or skiing Squaw. Pets feature prominently in my life and they're always in my novels, too. After all, a girl is only as good as the horse, pup, kitty or chicken she comes home to! I'm always available for book-signings, readings and appearances, especially to benefit my reader's favorite animal shelters and rescues. Please email me at lillychristine13@ or find me on Facebook. I love hearing your feedback!" 
~ xo, Lilly

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Excerpt Chapter One

  “Are you from around here?” 

“No.” The girl shook her head, and took a deep breath. “I’m just getting into town. For a new job. I’m Tess. Tess Bamberger." He could tell she was out of it, still trying to clear her head. "I’m sorry, what did you say your name was?” 

“I’m Jake. Jake McGreer. I have a ranch a few miles out of town.”

“Oh, well, hi. You’re the first person I’ve met here.” Her left hand pressed gauze against the cut on her head, so she held her right hand out to him. Blood ran down her forearm. Gripped by a profound sense of failure, he wrapped his hand around hers. “Sorry we’re not meeting on better terms, Tess.”  

“Me too,” she said matter of factly, taking the gauze away from her head. He handed her another stack of bandages, eyeing her worriedly. He was glad she wasn’t screaming at him, blaming him for the accident, the way his ex-wife would. 

      Jake saw a police car pull along the shoulder, lights flashing. Ronold Karachek was in the driver’s seat. Damn.  Ron was a Department of Agriculture inspector, part time local cop, and full time pain in the ass. He’d hoped Sargeant Fuller would be on tonight. 

Crashing Into Tess!

       His daughter adores her, his friends want a wedding, but her lawyer parents are certain he's up to no good. When vixen veterinarian Tess Bamberger stumbles into town, rancher Jake McGreer discovers “Crashing Into Tess” may be the hit of a lifetime!

       This "Bridget Jones Meets James Herriot" coming of age romantic comedy will be available soon on Amazon!